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This is a course to work on your branding as an individual. Get to know how others see you compared to how you see yourself. We will work on the latest image trends as well as working on your grooming from head to toe. You need to take care of your brand and develop it to stand a competitive edge or just to develop yourself as a whole. It doesn't help to be a great actor but your image is not presentable. In order for a client to take you seriously, they need to see you take yourself seriously too. Take that step forward by standing out as you enter a room.

We will be running two courses: 
Take 1: This is our beginners course for those who want to hone their skills in front of the camera, and better their craft. 
Take 2: This is our advanced class where we go more in depth with tougher monologues, as well as challenging scripts.

Each week you will have had the opportunity to work in front of a camera, sent to us online or in person after lockdown, where you will receive guidance on your performance to assist with your growth. After each course you will have achieved a goal and be a step closer in conquering how to act completely naturally in front of a camera. 

A) KIDS Class: 
Our Kids Class is strictly for ages 4 years to 10 year old's. These little Stars will: Improve their self-confidence, help with memorization skills, improve their verbal communication skills, develop their Imagination, strengthen interpersonal skills, access emotions, and gain social skills that will not only improve their daily lives but at school as well!
Our classes have 2 levels for our little Stars: Kids 1-(Beginner) / Kids 2-(Advanced). 
By the end of these 2 courses you will see a dramatic change in your child's self-confidence and of course the knowledge of the Industry, how to speak into a camera, their slate, memorize scripts, articulation and projection. 


B) TEENS Class: 
Studying drama can be a great starting point for careers such as teaching, law, and politics, not to mention broadcasting and the performing industry. Plus, they will gain the ability to speak confidently in front of a group.
Our teens class is for ages 11 years to 17 years of age. The courses will ignite their imagination  to reach their creative potential! Your course will include: Auditioning skills, helping build self confidence, commercials & working with props, Learning about team-work, articulation and projection, improvisation games, understanding emotions for acting, acting for the camera and improve memory and social skills.
The Teens course has 2 levels: Take 1 ( Beginner level) / Take 2 (Advanced level)


C) ADULT Class: 
Our courses for ages 18-99 years of age; will ignite the imagination empowering young and old to reach their creative potential! Your course will include: auditioning skills, looking the part, commercials, TV/Film, articulation, improvisation, scene study, monologues, acting on camera, how to stand out at an audition, acting terminology, working with a camera, method acting, and so much more.
The adults course has 2 levels: Take 1 ( Beginner level) / Take 2 (Advanced level)



Learn how to get into voice overs as well as to make a demo. Working on your voice within and using your diaphragm. Learn how to treat your voice, articulation, understanding the language as well as understanding the script. Work on voice box warm ups as well as mic techniques.



Presenters need to know skills for on camera, how to interview, confidence, personality and styling. Learn how to present yourself and walk the walk.



Here we will give you the basic knowledge and learn how to use your imagination as well as your voice and body. We will work on your movement and gesture on stage and understanding how to use your space.
You will learn from the basics of warming up all the way to getting into the performance space and creating the illusion and captivating the audience.



Our classes are to develop your skills and talent and to prepare you for a future in the acting industry, we are not a school but our classes are planned and designed by professionals that work in the industry.

Through these classes you will:
- Improve self-confidence.
- Improve memorization skills.
- Improve verbal communication skills.
- Develop Imagination.
- Access emotions and social skills.
- Gain Auditioning Skills.
- Working with props and team work.
- Articulation and projection skills.
- Acting in front of the camera.
- Method acting.
- Scene Studies.
- Presenting.
- Voice Over artists.
- How to stand out at an audition and so much more....

Are you an actor who believes in themselves and your ability to portray a character in a script BUT when you walk into an audition and the camera is pointing straight at you, YOU suddenly go blank, and all your self-belief goes out the window?
Or, have you never acted before but you are thinking of taking up an acting class with aspirations of working in film or TV, Radio or even stage to better your craft?



Let us help open your Acting World, and guide you to the skills needed for auditions and personal growth as an actor. We take non experienced and experienced actors... you need to stay on top of your game as an actor! Even the stars on TV take classes to continue to hone those skills, and to continue learning their craft to be the very best they can be. You can never stop learning!


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