Wee Ones Class -2020 Dates Coming soon

Our Wee ones Kids Class is strictly for ages 4 years to 10 year old's, these little Stars will gain: Improving their self-confidence, help with memorization skills, improve their verbal communication skills, develop their Imagination, strengthen interpersonal skills, access emotions, and Gain social skills that will not only improve their daily lives but at school as well!

Our classes have 2 classes for our Wee One Stars-

-Wee Ones 1- Beginning Course

-Wee Ones 2- Advanced Course

By the end of these 2 courses you will see a dramatic change in your child's self confidence and of course The knowledge of the Industry; How to speak into a camera; their slate, memorize scripts, articulation & Projection. 

I can't tell you how many parents tell me that we changed their child into a new confidant little human being. 

Kids Class -2020 Dates Coming Soon

Did you know that studying drama can be a great starting point for careers such as teaching, law, and politics, not to mention broadcasting and the performing industry. Plus, they will gain the ability to speak confidently in front of a group.

Our Kids class is for ages 10 years to 17 years of age. The courses will ignite their imagination  to reach their creative potential! In the next five weeks, your course will include: Auditioning skills, Helping build self confidence,Commercials & working w/props,Learning about Team-work,Articulation & Projection,Improvisation games,Understanding emotions for acting, Acting for the Camera,Improve memory & social skills.

The Kids course has 3 levels;

-Take 1 ( Beginning level) 

-Take 2 (Advanced level)

Adult Class - 2020 Dates Coming Soon

Our courses for Ages 18 +-99 years of age; will ignite the imagination empowering young and old to reach their creative potential! In the next five weeks your course will include: auditioning skills, looking the part, commercials, TV/Film, articulation, improvisation, scene study, monologues, acting on camera, how to stand out at an audition, acting terminology, working with a camera, method acting, and so much more.


Let us help open your Acting World, and guide you to the skills needed for auditions and personal growth as an actor. We take non experienced and experienced actors... you need to stay on top of your game as an actor! Even the stars on TV take classes to continue to hone those skills, and to continue learning their craft to be the very best they can be. You can never stop learning!


None needed... We’ll teach you everything there is to know in the TV/Film acting world. You will be filmed every class, to help you lose that fear of working in front of the camera. You will also see yourself on the projection screen the following week in class so you can see your progress on what to improve on, and how well you’re doing. There is also a showcase performance on your last day of class to help with your nerves, as well as others to see your progress. It will amaze you how well people come in just 3 weeks!

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