Why OCA Management

We provide you with the latest auditions, and classes at our OCA Acting Studio to keep you on top of your game as a performer; and to make you the best you can be.  I created this company to allow you the “performer to have more possible job opportunities in this business. It’s not easy alone, and sometimes you get lost in the agent’s lists (due to being overcrowded).

 So here we are to help you move forward in your career journey! 

We're constantly looking for new talent that have that "IT & WOW Factor!" So if its YOU.. then come and audition at one of our registrations.

OCA Photoshoots


We help provide you with the BEST possible way to get your headshots done at a very reasonable price but look like you spent a Zillion bucks!.

Our in house Photographer will bring out the very best in YOU to help you get work in the industry.

  • DID YOU KNOW: that headshots are 75% of your audition? It’s your headshot that gets you in the door to even be seen by any director or advertisement agency!


  • Headshots are your ID to even be seen for a role to see if you fit their role.


  • An actor must ALWAYS change their headshots every 6 months due to body, hair, age changes.


  • People like to think that the entertainment industry is more about talent than it is about looks. Unfortunately, it isn't talent that gets you an audition, it is how you look in a headshot. Do you fit the character? Are you the right age? Blonde? Brunette? Old? Young? A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why it is so important to have the right headshot. It can literally make or break a career.



I'm so fortunate that advertising agencies, and other Agencies have me help cast future projects.

With that being said, As a Casting Director I get to see a project from the first stages of looking for the talent to seeing the completion of their project...It's a magical experience!

So look out on one of our social media platforms to see what the latest Casting project is.. And maybe we NEED YOU on one of our adverts! 

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